Quick coding with Otto Blockly

Open Otto Blockly

Familiarize with the block programming environment.

 As we are always updating and improving Otto Blockly, make sure to check that you are updated by clicking the “question mark.”

Open one of the integrated examples by clicking the “page icon” highlighted in the image below. For this next step, feel free to select “Dance” which will add the block code to the pallet.

Next, click the “check mark” to check the code has no errors.

Lastly, click the “arrow” to upload the code to your Otto. Don’t forget to have your Otto plugged into your computer using the USB cord with your kit. Make sure your board and USB port are correct.

That is it!

This is the first simple process to have your Otto pre-programmed to dance. Next, you can learn the concept of sequential thinking and creative conditioning. And allow yourself to make a more complicated sequence of your choice to interact with the sensors.

Below you can continue the course with Blockly. If you have a MAC or would rather skip to begin coding with just Arduino from your PC, make sure at the bottom right select “Complete” or “Next Topic” and you will begin the course for Arduino.

To start the course with Blockly: Click here.