Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence Course with Otto Scratch AI for beginners

  1. Fundamentals of ML (Machine Learning)
  2. What machine learning is, machine learning basics, and how to make ML projects such as a pose classifier
  3. Important concepts
  4. Training modeling
  5. Big Data as input
  6. Bias
  7. Trust Thresholds
  8. Computer Vision: What computer vision is, its applications, and how to identify celebrities, brands in images plus more
  9. Face Recognition: how face detection and recognition work, how to identify features such as gender, age, and emotion, from a face
  10. Optical Character Recognition: what optical character recognition is, how it works, and how to identify handwritten and printed text using OCR
  11. Speech Recognition: how speech recognition works, and how to make your own virtual assistant that recognizes your requests