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Robot mechanics and mechanisms

Robot mechanics course Motors Mechanisms Wheels Springs DOF Fasteners Tolerances Materials and their properties Servos,  levers  Physics

3D Printing with Otto

Rapid prototyping course of Otto robots for children Materials for mockups DIY cardboard and stickers Digital fabrication  3D printing Laser cut 3d print Challenge “Manufacturing by 3D printing Laser cutting Challenge “Manufacturing by laser cutting and customization”

Machine Learning for Otto

Artificial Intelligence Course with Otto Scratch AI for beginners Fundamentals of ML (Machine Learning) What machine learning is, machine learning basics, and how to make ML projects such as a pose classifier Important concepts Training modeling Big Data as input Bias Trust Thresholds Computer Vision What computer vision is, its applications, and how to identify …

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3D robot design

3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object (whether inanimate or living) in three dimensions through specialized software. The product is called a 3D model. Someone who works with 3D models can be called a 3D artist. The created model can be displayed as …

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Coding with Otto

Course Description Ok so was fun to build now lets get into Otto’s brain. By following the instructions will start to program your own robot by just modifying few lines of code, the simplicity of the function will help to easily jump into coding.­čĺ╗code with blockly­čô▒control with app Key concepts covered include: blocks programming basics …

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Electronics with Otto robot

Course Description Learn the electronics basic for robots What is inside Otto?  Electricity, Sensors & Motors Entradas y salidas Play with sensors Play with actuators action reaction Fritzing Challenge “Electronic Design with Fritzing” Assembly and Wiring Assembly Connection Challenge “Assembly and connection”