App design for robots

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Level: Introductory: INTERMEDIATEPrerequisites: Code your own robot
Requirements: Any Computer or Tablet with Wifi and Chrome browserMaterials: Otto DIY Kit + Bluetooth
Subject: Programming and UI/UX design

Course Description:

Learn how to build apps in Thunkable in our new introductory course and build apps like a magic eight ball, quiz app, or scavenger hunt app.

We all carry mobile devices in our pockets, but instead of just using them – why not make your own apps? In the Introduction to App Building course you’ll use Thunkable, a blocks-based programming environment to create apps, and learn computer science concepts like variables, loops, functions, and conditionals. Join us and our online community of learners and makers as we build apps together.

No prior programming experience is required.

Thunkable Basics

  • Course Overview
  • Platform overview – build your first app
  • Translator app
  • Image recognition
  • Positioning components
  • Switching screens and Navigators

Storing Information with Variables

  • App variables
  • Conditional statements
  • Stored variables
  • Cloud variables

Creating Data Driven Apps

  • Magic 8 ball
  • Creating a multi-page informational app
  • Simple quiz app
  • QR code scavenger hunt

Data Driven Interface Design

  • Data viewer component
  • Loops & data sources
  • Cloning components
  • Generic events
  • Custom properties

Saving Data

  • Create a survey app
  • Save images online
  • Images in the data viewer

Making Your App Look Great – and Make Money

  • Animations
  • Loading icon
  • Fonts and styles
  • Ads from Admob

Creating Organized Code

  • Procedures and Parameters
  • Generic blocks

Final Project

  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Sharing and Publishing



A computer with a web browser (Chrome is preferred, but Safari, Firefox, and Edge also work). Chromebooks also work well with Thunkable.