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Course Description

Otto is an interactive robot that anyone can make!

Otto is a robot 🤖 that brings people from all ages closer to technology, through hands-on making they learn the logical connection between mechanical components, design, electronics and code. Otto is truly open source in both hardware and software, this encourages anyone in the world to invent their own different versions with even more functions and features. Otto makes teaching easier and more effective for a variety of grade levels, age groups and subjects.

Key concepts covered include:

Through a series of workshops that not only excite children about the world. robotics, programming and electronics, but also helps them improve software skills needed in the 21st century: critical thinking, communication, creation, and collaborating.

Building robots is fun, easy, and can be done by nearly anyone when you have the right tools in front of you. Our class guides you through the tools and techniques you will need to get started building robots

This class was designed with the absolute beginner and children (both girls and boys)  in mind, and attempts to break down complex concepts into easy bite-sized pieces. It covers the technology you will need to know to build basic little robots that walk around, to complex robots that use microcontrollers and sensors.

I hope you will join me in the wild world of robotics with Otto, you will learn to build, program and even design your own robot with technological tools like  Blockly,Arduino and Tinkercad. It is a methodology that we have been implementing for years in workshops 

Competency based learning… mastery learning of skills

What you’ll learn? (Objectives) cognitive, affective and psychomotor 

  • Increase curiosity about electronics and technological products.
  • Arouse interest in Otto and its entertainment possibilities.
  • Assemble your own robot.
  • Acquire transverse learning, such as environmental education.
  • Discovery of the robotics world through Otto.
  • Discover Otto and robotics possibilities. 
  • Use of educational technology. 
  • Improve sequential thinking.
  • Brainstorm of improving Otto by adding more components.
  • Create simple 3D designs with TinkerCAD for 3D printing.
  • Programming with graphical blocks with Otto Blockly.
  • Understand the basic fundamentals of Arduino electronics.
  • Make simple electronic designs with Fritzing.

Who is this course for? Learn Experiences

In this course you will likely build your very first robot!

Due to small screws the workshops is recommended for 7+ years old, unless the children are accompanied by parents.

It is for children (both girls and boys) and people who want to start in the robotics world. You don’t need to be a genius and no prior engineering experience is necessary. The only thing required is a willingness to experiment, and learn. While it is easy to be intimidated by robotics because it incorporates a wide range of skills over a variety of disciplines, there is no reason to be. The fundamentals are actually quite — well — fundamental. In less than a month you can learn the basics necessary to begin building robots on your own. Whether you are a hobbyist, aspiring engineer, artist, scientist, or just plain curious, follows is a pathway you can use to begin your journey into the wild world of robotics.

The final objective of the course is to enjoy learning throughout the process of designing, building and assembling the robot with diverse, varied and multidisciplinary activities. For this reason we have prepared all the necessary content that will allow you to make a fun, customizable and low-cost robot starting from scratch and that you can adapt to your needs.

The course is suitable for people who want to get started in the world of electronics, digital manufacturing and robotics. You will learn to use CAD tools (TinkerCAD), electronic design (Fritzing). Block programming related to C/C++ programming language(Otto Blockly) and sequential coding with our Android App.
In the course we explain fun activities that you can do with your robots such as generating emotions, playing melodies, controlling basic movements, opening / closing legs, dance, avoiding obstacles or controlling the robot remotely from a mobile device. We will lead you through the final project, in which you will create an object that will help you on a day-to-day basis, putting into practice everything you learned in the course.

Got to you will find:

3D printable .STL files

Instruction Manual

Otto Blockly software

Libraries and code in case you want to program with Arduino IDE