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Level: Introductory: BEGINNER, for All agesPrerequisites: Finish build your own robot course
Requirements: Computer, preferably Windows Materials: Any Otto DIY Builder Kit
Subject: Programming

Course Description:

Now that we had our fun building let’s get into Otto’s brain. By following the instructions will start to program your own robot by modifying few lines of code. The simplicity of the functions and blocks will help to easily jump into real text-based coding.

Coding robots is fun, easy, and can be done by nearly anyone when you have the right tools in front of you. Our course guides you through the tools and techniques you will need to get started building robots.

This class is designed for the absolute beginner and for children (both girls and boys) in mind. The course attempts to break down complex concepts into easy bite-sized pieces. It covers the technology needed to know to build basic functions for walking around to complex functions that use microcontrollers and sensors. Lets have fun in the wild world of robotics! You will learn to program your own robot with technological tools like Otto Blockly and Arduino IDE. It is a methodology that Otto DIY has been implementing for years in workshops.

Learning Objectives:

  • Blocks programming basics to code, control and operate a simple but real robot.
  • Understanding the basic fundamentals of Arduino electronics.
  • Learn the concept with inputs, outputs, basic arithmetic and logical expressions, conditional instructions, and functions
  • Design and test programs in the process of solving problems.
  • Programming Otto basic move functions, play with Otto and discover how to make them move and perform basic walks.
  • Programming Otto dance functions, experiment to learn what they do and how to create more complicated dances, like your own choreography.
  • Programming Otto sound functions, basic Robot sounds and melodies.
  • Programming Otto gestures and emotions.
  • Loops, structures and functions are introduced through stories for children to play and have them perform repetitive tasks in certain sequences.
  • Conditionals with Ultrasonic Variables, Conditionals & Sensors, Children learn how sensors help Otto “see” and interact with the physical world. We also learn how to program Otto to use sensor inputs to decide what to do next.
  • Search the network and community for information needed to perform a task, using complex forms of queries and advanced capabilities of search engines.

Please select the first course content “graphical coding” below to begin.

5 thoughts on “Code your own robot”

  1. Greetings to all,
    In the outputs section, in servo motors care, there is a reference to doing a quiz that does not exist.
    In the inputs section, there is an invalid icon next to the title: chip

  2. Me encantaria aprender a dominar la programacion.
    La construccion casi la tengo.
    Con my GEEETech hago las piezas, y las monto.
    Hacerle funcionar es otra cosa.

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