Graphical Programming

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Blockly is a library for creating block-based visual programming language (VPL) and editors. Blockly is a project of Google that is a free open-source software. It typically runs in a web browser, but installer version can be created. Visually resembles the language Scratch.

Blockly uses visual blocks that link together to make writing code easier and can generate code in JavaScript, Lua, Dart, Python, or PHP. It can also be customized to generate code in any textual programming language.

Our free open-source visual programming language based on Blockly, generates C/C++ code, compiles and uploads to Arduino. Compatible with Otto DIY robot or multiple type of Arduino related boards as well.

This makes it easy to program electronics and create interactive robots like Otto; with the Arduino/Code mode you can view both the Arduino source changes in real-time and the graphical blocks corresponding to the C/C++ language code, so that you can do a smooth transition to advanced programming.

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