The shape of a robot

Take a look at Zowi’s appearance. Its size, its square shape … almost nothing you see has been chosen at random or just for taste. The size of the head is appropriate to house the battery and the chips and that of its legs to store the motors.

Any other electronic device is the same, they have to have the necessary space to put many chips, but it also has to be beautiful and manageable. Like a mobile or a car.

In Zowi’s case, his color could have been different. It would work just as well whether it was yellow or purple. However, the size of his head and legs are made so his pieces fit together and Zowi works.

Did you know…?
Industrial designers and mechanical engineers take care of the shape of the objects that surround us, so that they are beautiful and functional at the same time.

Experiment 1 – Zowi’s body
What if Zowi had a smaller head? What if your head was a sphere?

Take apart Zowi’s head to see what’s inside.

Important announcement!
When disassembling Zowi, it is important that you look at the “Assembly and Disassembly Guide” that comes in the Zowi box. If you think you can’t do it alone, ask an adult for help. You also have a good guide here. But in this project you only have to disassemble the head, not disassemble it whole!

Experiment 2 – Robotics Biology 101
Now that you have Zowi stripped apart in front of you and you see all those colored cables, it’s a great time to start talking about robotic components.

Basically all robots need these four things:

A brain board: in charge of remembering the program and managing everything.
Sensors: Electronic components that sense the things around. It could be said that they are the robot’s senses.
Actuators: Electronic components that allow the robot to act, that is, to move, make noises, put lights on, etc.
The battery: to power the rest of the components.
Can you recognize each Zowi component and tell if it is a sensor or an actuator?
To differentiate them, ask yourself if that component takes information from outside (sensor) or does things (actuator). You can find help in the Disassembly and Assembly Guide and these images.

Click here to see a very fun guide on robotics.

Zowi components It is very important to choose well which sensors and actuators our robot will carry, since they are the ones that will allow it to interact with the world.

Therefore, and as you can see, when you build a robot, you have to take into account its shape so that, in addition to being beautiful, it has space for all its components.
Don’t forget to reassemble Zowi. If you have also disconnected the cables from the brain board, use the Disassembly and Assembly Guide to put them back in the same place. If it doesn’t come out the first time, don’t worry, you can open it as many times as you want.